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The purpose of the ShadeLab Findability Crusade is to ensure that all raw data (with metadata), publications/preprints, and analysis code are linked to each other and mutually findable,
no matter which is discovered first
See our GitHub readme files for examples of how we link code to papers to data!


Our code is on GitHub

The GitHub Readme includes:

  • Citation and link to paper/preprint

  • DOI

  • Study abstract

  • Link to raw data

  • Link to funding, if applicable


Our raw sequencing data is in the NCBI SRA or the JGI Genome Portal/IMG

Data are available when we submit a preprint or a manuscript for review

This is the hard part!  Data repositories are to include:

  • Final DOI of published piece and full citation

  • Metadata


Publications and preprints are open access

Papers/preprints include

  • Link to GitHub repo

  • Link to raw data

  • Info is updated when preprints are accepted for publication

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